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Loft Conversions carry many regulations and permissions with them. They are each unique and very much depend upon the condition and structural ability of your existing property. Our aesthetically driven loft conversion process aims to open up your horizons to new design potential, working in harmony with the characteristics of the property and the clients' tastes. We put particular emphasis on creating light, spacious loft areas. With Innovation Interiors you can be confident that your conversion is installed by a qualified and highly skilled workforce, who will carry out the work quickly and efficiently with minimum disturbance and inconvenience.


This option is where the existing loft space is of insufficient size for the proposed conversion, it creates additional headroom for the staircase and new room or rooms contemplated. If an additional bathroom is proposed along with the rooms the increased height created by the Dormer provides additional height above the fittings.

Mansard Dormer

This type of conversion is generally designed within Inner London areas, where clients are following the trend of similar conversions within their locality. This would most likely be the preferred option from a planning perspective in sensitive areas.

Roof-light (Velux/Fakro)

This option is generally adequate for those contemplating the smaller loft conversion, generally for a single bedroom; study etc, where height is available within the existing loft space. Roof-lights can then be installed with a minimum amount of disruption. We use only Velux™ or Fakro™ roof-lights; these are the only top of the range products available.

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